Confidence is beauty


I always have the confidence of being beautiful. When I was younger, everyone always praise the looks that my parents gave me. No matter what I wore, I was beautiful.


Since then, cancer came into my life. Changing the features of my face. It made me worried and depressed. It had occupied half of my skull, It had dislocated my right eye-ball and misshapen my smile. It’s a shame for me. But it did not stop me from wanting to become beautiful.


To be beautiful, does not really matter on how naturally gifted we are but how we present ourselves to be. A pretty dress, a good posture, tidiness etc… are all linked to be looking good. When we look good, we are attractive.


Also it starts from the inside too. We have to feel comfortable with ourselves. Accepting each flaw we have. It’s the flaws that made us who we are. We are like a piece of paper and the flaws are the colours of paintings. It makes our lives much more colourful and appealing.  Embracing flaws means we are highlighting every colour in our lives which makes it a beautiful art. 


Even though, I don’t have my cute old looks now, I am not afraid to wear pretty clothes. I have a big scar on the upper thigh of my left leg. People may think it’s sad. To me, it is actually a commemorate to be proud of. It just made me sexier when I wear shorts. The scar just makes me feel unique that no one will ever have a pair of legs like mine.


For the deform parts of my face, I am happy to have this opportunity to experience face changes. Because I know I won’t be looking like this forever. Why not embrace my current looks so I can recall back in the future? Even though I have lost my pretty looks now but I can still get them back in the future. This just made me feel more special than other girls. Even if I compare myself to the Miss Universe, I still feel prettier than them because I have a much complicated story behind that pretty face.


Ever since I knew that I am going to recover, my self-esteem came back after a misty road on the search of hope. Taking every chance and seize it to create my wishes into the current reality. It wasn’t like having a flu and see the doctor but to discover cures by myself. It was tough work. However, I gain quite a lot of knowledge about health and nutrition.


For one to recover from a severe disease, it is very important to self-study nutrition. The doctors won’t give much advice on nutrition because they only tell what they know. I am not saying that all doctors are like that but it is best to rely on ourselves then completely trusting a doctor. We are the owner of our own bodies. We feel and understand our bodies best.

Tip of the day


The liver is one of the body’s largest and most vital organs.

The liver performs over 500 functions, holds about 13% of the body’s blood supply at any given moment and filters over 1 liter of blood each minute! It is involved in the production of over 13,000 different chemicals and maintenance of over 2000 internal enzyme systems. It makes blood proteins, clotting proteins, lipoproteins, and 80% of our cholesterol. It filters blood, makes bile, makes and breaks down hormones, regulates blood sugar, and changes harmful toxins into substances that can be safely eliminated from the body. And this is just a small list of liver functions! If we lost this handy organ, we would die within 24 hours – so let’s take good care of it.

I saw video about how does the liver removes cancer in the bones. It was on YouTube but it was just a short video about reviewing the secret of  removing cancer from the bones. Which the answer is the liver. Also after comparing the nutritional values of liver and bone health are simply connected. If the liver is healthy, any disease can be reverse. Including bone cancer, my case is an example. Any cancer can be reverse if taken good care of.

Here is a link to read about everything about the human liver.

knowledge and nutrition about the liver

another one that talks about the importance of the liver in chinese medicine

The Liver in Chinese Medicine

and a video of an explanation of the liver





2 thoughts on “Confidence is beauty

  1. Dear J.Y,

    Just as every person is the main character in the private and unique story of his or her life, so are you in yours. As such, it is a moot point to compare one’s life to others: they will never really know what it is to be uniquely you; similarly, one can never truly know how it is to live and have lived someone else’s life.

    I’m very glad that you’ve come to feel more comfortable in your new body, and I’m looking forward to seeing you again. 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

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